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At SHUBHAM JEWELLERS we are from generations associated with jewellery business.My grandfather was in jewellery business From the training given by him, I and my three brothers while doing our studies,were also sitting in the business together.On seeing the trouble of the clients,my mind used to be puzzled that on the one side there are the rich people who have all the facilities,they can give their daughters and son's wives all the jewellery which the ladies desired,but those who have limited income and are from the middle class or poor class,they have no alternative but to make compromise and kill their desires seeing their mental conflict and unhappiness,I always felt somwhere there is a defect in our business,which we are not able to correct because of some helplessness. Meanwhile in a seminar in India, I came across Mr. Sekune Utcheri Fort of Germany.During our talks he mentioned of forming oil and how after manufacturer of ornament,a layer of gold can be covered over it.Thus in the lives of the middle class people a new dawn of bright light can shine.Then one of our brothers went to see a demonstration and brought a machine with the chemicals.

Then we prepared a team of artisans who could prepare such jewellery with gold finish.Now in our forming jewellery we prepare all the varieties of jewellery and are suplied to all over World since 2001 .

The distinct qualities of our product.

1.Lookslike gold jewellery
2.Normaly it does not irritate skin
3.24carat gold's layer on the jewellery
4.Examined by K.J. Factory and its workers
5.Best designs crafted by experienced karigars
6.Ideally protected and practical
7.Advancing towards foreign exports
8.Unique collections of wedding jewellery © Copyrights 2013 | All Rights Reserved | Mail Us: